There’s a noticeboard in the fishing room where we encourage fishermen to leave a note telling us and other fishermen about their day on the lake. Here’s a selection from the board……..

“Fish caught: Eel, Bream, Rudd, Roach, Carp, Brown Trout, Sea Trout – 50 fish in total. Great day see you soon.”

“Great day, great hosts, great lake – will be back again.” Luke

“This should be called ‘Great Comfort Farm’ facilities first class!” Fisherman’s wife

“My first ever fishing trip & I caught 3 fish. What a lovely place! Thank you x”

“Fished 1 until 4pm. 1 Carp, 3 Bream, 4 Roach, 1 Eel. Good Day” Tim Pike

“First time proper fishing on a lake…. he caught 7!! In just a couple of hours. What a lovely place and such a warm welcome. Probably be back tomorrow!” Daniel

“15th July: 1 Carp 8 1/2lb; 1 Rudd 1 1/2lb
16th July: 1 Eel 2 1/2lb; 1 Roach 1 3/4lb; 1 Golden Orfe 2lb 2oz
Good fish – Carp was prime :-)” Dez

“4 hours fishing. 27 fish – all good; 11 of them VERY good.” Brian 12/7

“Rudd, Roach, Brown Trout!! Had a great day, will be back very soon.” Jon & David

“17 fish – 1 Carp; 9 Bream; 7 Roach all about 1lb. BRILLIANT” Brian

“30 small rudd & roach including: 1 1/2 lb roach; 2lb bream; 1lb bream. Caught on pink & white maggots & floating bread. Another great day.” Jon & David

“Sunny but windy. Great fishing – 20+ fish in the day. 5 large carp, 3 good bream & rest as big as your hand. Caught on boilies & coarse pellets.” Simon

“Roach 1 1/2lb; Rudd 1 1/4lb; Bream 2lb; Carp 4lb and 2 Sea Trout caught on red maggot, far side of the lake in deep water. FANTASTIC!!”