Animal Feeding

Animal feeding at Little Comfort Farm gives all our visitors the chance to get involved. You can help us feed the farm animals; collect the eggs from the nesting boxes and then explore the farm trail.

Jeremy is always pleased to have help with the animal feeding, meet him outside the playroom at 9 o’clock Mondays to Thursdays and Saturdays too. Whatever the weather or time of year the animals always need feeding and the chickens are laying so you’re guaranteed a hands on animal feeding and egg collecting trip all year round.

If you need to borrow wellies then there are plenty of spare pairs in the playroom so you won’t have to miss out because you got a ‘bootful’ playing in the stream!

Who lives at Little Comfort Farm? Well there’s Jeremy and Jodie of course, plus Roux the dog. Then out on our organic farm we have a herd of Devon Ruby cattle – a lovely local breed native to North Devon, Welsh Lleyn sheep, a pair of West Country geese and several different breeds of chicken who lay the ‘eggiest’ eggs imaginable! Collect the eggs yourself then return home to your cottage with them for what farmers call their second breakfast. There’s nothing to beat the taste of an egg laid fresh that morning and we’ve organic sausages & bacon as well as apple juice produced on the farm to go with them for a truly unforgettable Little Comfort Farm big breakfast experience!

  • Cows, sheep & chickens to feed
  • Help with the egg collecting
  • Explore the farm trail
  • Bottle feed the lambs in spring
  • Animal feeding all year round
  • Learn about organic farming