At Little Comfort Farm we believe very strongly in the benefits of organic farming. We work with nature to grow crops and rear animals in countryside which is cared for; keeping the future in mind and making sure that our land, air, water and wildlife are really looked after, not just for today but for ever.

In the time Little Comfort has been farmed and managed organically there has been a measurable increase in wildlife, plants and wild flowers. As part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme new hedgerows have been created on the farm and grazing reintroduced to provide feeding grounds for one of Britain’s rare species, the greater horseshoe bat which inhabits the valley. As the farm is organic, insecticides and wormers are not used on the livestock which increases the number of dung beetles for the bats to feed on.

The gently shelving banks of the coarse fishing lake create marshy habitat where reeds grow and damselflies and dragonflies dart around enjoying the cover. The lake island is used by waterfowl, and kingfishers nest in the cliff at the far end. In summer, swallows and housemartins soar over the lake, swooping to feed and drink. An abundance of primroses and bluebells can be seen in the woods in spring and wood avens flower later in the year. The permanent pasture supports heath spotted orchids in June and bird’s foot trefoil later in the year.

Read more about the farm and our conservation work here: Get wild at Little Comfort Farm

  • Farm and wildlife trail
  • 100 acres of Soil Association Organic registered land
  • Huge diversity of wildlife and plants
  • Guidebooks, farm leaflet and advice from the Farm office
  • Lots of local area knowledge
  • Nearby SSSIs, International Biosphere & Reserves