The Farm

70 acres of organic farm, river, meadow, ancient woodland to explore

Hidden away in a beautiful valley

Little Comfort Farm is hidden away in a beautiful valley created by the River Caen which runs enchantingly through its centre. Traditionally managed, flower rich fields of unimproved and semi-improved grassland are bordered by dense berry, flower and nature rich hedgerows on both sides of the valley. These are interspersed by areas of ancient woodland and a traditional orchard. The river feeds a secluded and peaceful lake and series of ponds.

The farm is owned by ecologists, Jeremy and Jodie who are passionate about the outstanding wildlife the farm supports. Their priority is to conserve and enhance the farm for nature, and grazing livestock is integral to this goal. Managed organically to Soil Association Standards (without the use of artificial pesticides, fertilisers and other chemicals), the grassland is grazed by a herd of regionally native ruby red Devon cattle and a flock of Welsh Lleyn cross Texel sheep. The orchard is tended to by a pair of rare breed West of England geese and a small and varied flock of laying hens (and their guardian cockerel) provide the farm with delicious eggs.

"Our priority is to conserve and enhance the farm for nature."

Jodie & Jeremy Ward

Farming trails

Idyllic farm trails give our guests the opportunity to experience nature and the farmed countryside just as we like it to be. A refuge from potentially damaging and intensive farming techniques, Little Comfort is a treasure trove for wildlife. Whatever your interest, birds, butterflies, bats, otters, flowers….prepare to be astounded.