Booking Terms and Conditions

Your Cottage

Arrival/Departure: Woodlark, Granary and Caen Byre will be ready from 4pm and Mill House from 4:30pm. Departure time is by 9:45am on the day of departure. Early check in/late check out can be booked for an additional cost.

Number of Guests: The number of people in any cottage must at no time exceed the number stated that the property sleeps on our website (unless prior consent has been given). The cottage may not be sub-let. For fire regulations we need a list of all guests who will be residing in the cottages.

COVID Guidelines: Guests must strictly adhere to the prevailing Government guidelines on social distancing, relevant lockdowns and socialising.

Utilities: The cost of heating, electricity and wifi is included. Any woodburners will be laid for your arrival and should further logs/kindling etc be required these can be purchased from LCF at an additional cost. Where possible we request that all appliances be run and appliance charging be undertaken during sunlight hours to make full use of our solar energy (eg dishwashers and phone chargers).

Linen: All bed linen, a bath towel for each guest, hand/foot towels and tea towels are provided. We request that you bring your own beach towels and towels for your dog if applicable.

Laundry: A guest laundry is provided off the Main Carpark. It is open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 4pm. There is a charge for use of the tumble drier – we encourgae use of the hanging lines – there is one in every cottage garden. Please do not wash shoes or items that are excessively muddy or sandy in our machines. Please remove all items from pockets – should any foreign objects cause damage to our machines, the repair cost will be passed on to the guest. Use of the laundry service is at your own risk and we cannot accept any liability for damage or loss of items.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted within any buildings or enclosed gardens at LCF. If you would like to smoke, please do so away from the buildings and gardens, and ensure you fully extinguish cigarette ends and dispose of them responsibly (they are not biodegradable).

Noise: There are other residents at LCF and a neighbouring property and excessive noise during the day or any noise audible to other cottages before 9am or after 10:30pm will not be tolerated. This condition may be amended at the discretion of the owners  in the case of an exclusive use event booking.



Access: Your accommodation booking includes use of your nominated cottage along with use of the public lawn, parking areas, games room and nature trails. Quiet enjoyment of the lake is also included but please be courteous to paying fishermen. Please see access maps provided.

Farmhouse: The farmhouse, it’s driveway, front garden down to the river and back garden are strictly private and not accessible to guests. The farmhouse is not part of the holiday cottage business, it is a private home and guests are kindly asked to respect the owners’ privacy. If you need to contact someone for assistance, please use the contact details in the guest information booklet.


When Leaving:


Cleaning: It is the responsibility of the named person(s) to ensure that the cottage (and other areas used) are left in a reasonable state. If an exceptional level of cleaning is required after use of any of these facilities the cost will be charged to named person.

Item Relocation: It is the responsibility of all guests to return any item removed from any cottage to its original place (this includes cutlery, crockery, utensils etc.) If this is not done, the cost of our housekeeping team doing this will be charged to the named person.

Furniture Relocation: Guests must return all furniture to its original position. If this is not done, the cost of our housekeeping team doing this will be charged to the named person.

Waste and Recycling: LCF is committed to limiting waste and guests are expected to recycle materials used whilst staying at LCF (please refer to cottage booklet). We ask that all waste is taken to the recycling area and sorted appropriately prior to your departure.

Lost and Found: Please check for all personal belongings before departure. Any items found after guests have departed will be kept for 7 days only. They will be returned provided the owner sends us a pre paid, self addressed envelope or box of the appropriate size.


Health and Safety


Gates: When exploring the farm, all gates MUST be left as you find them. This is imperative for the safety of our livestock, guests and members of the public.

Toxic and/or poisonous Plants, Fungi and Wildlife: Please do not harvest or ingest anything growing on the farm. Please pay close attention to babies and children.

Driving and Parking: There is a 5mph speed limit everywhere on the farm to keep guests, pets and livestock safe. Please park in your cottage’s designated parking spot or the general car park and do not block any of the roads, gates or tracks. Vehicles are parked at your own risk.

Working Farm: LCF is a working farm and there are associated hazards to be aware of including large machinery and tools. Please do not use or tamper with any tools or machinery or go into any rooms/barns that are not signed as being accessible to guests (see Access).

Livestock: Please be cautious around livestock on the farm, which includes a bull and breeding heifers. These animals are not tame and should not be approached. Whilst we do occasionally permit guests to walk through fields containing the livestock (usually on the public right of way), if your route will result in the livestock being cornered (for instance if you are walking towards a gate in a corner or next to the river where the cattle are standing, you must take a different route. If the cattle feel cornered they can be dangerous and cause damage to property and/or people.

Chickens: Access to the chicken area is only permitted when accompanied by LCF staff in the mornings during the animal feeding.

Slips, trips and falls: Take care with footing throughout the farm. Away from designated level access areas, ground is frequently uneven and may be wet, slippery or boggy with trip hazards.

Water: There is a river, lake and ponds on the farm. Unless prior consent has been given, swimming is not permitted. Enjoyment of these areas is at your own risk.

Children: Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Cleanliness: Always wash your hands after being outside or eating/preparing food.

Right to Enter: We reserve the right to enter the cottage should any need arise relating to Health and Safety or repairs. Where the need is not urgent, access will be sought at a reasonable time and with prior notice.

Fireworks and Drones: No fireworks are permitted at LCF to protect our livestock. Guests are not permitted to fly drones at LCF to respect the owners’ and our neighbours’ privacy.

Behaviour: The named person(s) booking the accommodation is responsible for the behaviour and actions of their guests while at LCF. Guests may be asked to leave the premises if their behaviour is threatening, aggressive, anti-social, dangerous or damaging in any way to the other residents, staff, animals or to the premises. In this circumstance your full support is required and no refund will be given.




Cottages: Dogs are permitted in Caen Byre and one dog in The Mill House. All dogs must be declared and paid for prior to arrival (see website for current price).

Group Bookings: Each dog is only allowed in the cottage it has been assigned to, unless an additional fee is paid. Please notify us if you would like a dog to have access to a different cottage to the one it has been assigned.

Woodlark: Woodlark is strictly a dog-free cottage.

Beds and Furniture: Our bedrooms are strictly off limits for dogs, and we would appreciate you keeping dogs off the sofas and other furniture. For the benefit of our other guests if there is evidence that a dog has been in a bed, the cost of replacing affected linen including duvets and/or pillows will be charged to the named person.

Worming: All dogs must be up to date with their worming treatment. Some worms carried by dogs can be fatal to livestock.

Behaviour: For the benefit of our other guests and neighbours, we may have to ask guests to remove any dog that causes a nuisance by excessive barking or aggressive behaviour towards people or animals.

Livestock: Please avoid taking a dog into fields containing livestock. If this cannot be avoided, dogs must be kept on a lead and taken through as quickly and quietly as possible.

Fertile Dogs: If your male dog is fertile, please inform us prior to your stay. A bitch lives on the farm that may be in season and cannot be bred out of contract.


Payments and Cancellation


Deposit: A deposit equal to 25% of the total cost of your booking is required to secure your booking. Deposit payments are non-refundable unless the dates of your stay fall in a period of National Lockdown, or Tier restrictions in your[1]/our area, meaning that your1/our area are placed in a Tier by Government that has a Do Not Travel restriction. Without deposit payment, bookings are provisional and only valid for 48 hours.

Balance: Balance payments are due 8 weeks in advance of your stay. We will send a payment reminder in advance. If the balance is not received, your booking will be treated as a non-payment (see below).

Travel Insurance: We strongly advise that guests take out a travel insurance policy which covers booking cancellations. Alternatively we offer refund protection via a third party company ‘Booking Protect’ as a bookable extra (only available at the time of booking).

COVID Lockdown Cancellation: If your booking arrival date falls during a period of National Lockdown, or your/our area has been placed in a Tier by Government which has a Do Not Travel restriction for the date of your arrival, please contact us. We will credit your payments for use against a future booking.

Non-Payment: Little Comfort Farm reserves the right to cancel your booking (without refund) if payment conditions are not upheld.

Cancellation By You: Requests to cancel bookings must be sent in writing. We will attempt to re-let your booking and if we are successful we will refund you the final letting price (which may be less than you paid) minus any costs we have incurred in administering your booking or making specific arrangements for you. However if we are unable to re-let you remain responsible for the full rental cost and there will be no refund due.

Last Minute Bookings: Any bookings made within 7 days of the arrival date will only be confirmed subject to Little Comfort Farm being able to staff the changeover and preparation of the cottage.

Force Majeure: LCF shall not be responsible for the failure to provide facilities contracted for in the event of it being prevented from doing so as a result of “Force Majeure” or any other cause beyond its control. This includes industrial disputes, orders or regulations issued by Central Government, Riots, Floods, Fire or Epidemics. LCF will not be responsible for any loss or damage or costs as a result.

Damage: The named person(s) booking the accommodation will be held responsible for paying for any loss or damage to any part of the LCF estate, or to any fixtures, fittings and equipment which are caused by any member of the group. We will not be held responsible for damage to any article brought onto the premises. LCF shall not be liable for any loss or damage. In case of loss or damage to any member of the group, it must be reported and then recorded at the time in the incident book by an LCF representative.

Damage Deposit: We reserve the right to take credit card details as insurance against any damages. These will only be processed if LCF needs to claim back costs against damages. This will be completed within 14 days of your stay and you will be notified in advance


This Document


Any reference to either ‘us’ or ‘we’ in this Agreement refers to the property Landlords. “you” or “your” are references to the person(s) reserving, making payment or staying at a property in relation to the booking. So that you understand the basis of the contract between you and us when you book your accommodation, we have laid out as clearly as possible, the terms and conditions on which your booking is made. Nothing in these conditions affects your normal statutory rights.

The landlords:

Little Comfort Farm (also referred to as LCF): Jodie Ward and Jeremy Ward

The tenants:

For the purpose of this agreement, the Tenant(s) are defined as the persons that agree to rent a property for any specified period, for any specified sum of money from Little Comfort Farm. The payments for rent and email/telephone/social media communications will form the basis for the contract between the Tenant(s) and Little Comfort Farm.

It is the responsibility of the group organiser to ensure that all guests are made aware of these terms and conditions.

We may take the opportunity to update our terms from time to time.  An updated terms and conditions can be obtained through our website. Last updated January 2021.

[1] Your area as given as your home address at the time of booking.

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