Nature Discovery Pick & Mix

With so much wildlife on our doorstep, you're spoilt for choice!

Immerse yourself in nature and let us show you the wildlife treasures of our farm. All options take place at Little Comfort, last around 1 hour and are tailored to suit any age or ability, novice to professional! Led by Jeremy, owner, farmer and professional ecologist.

£48 per option


A private bird safari – meet our dippers, kingfishers, ravens, nesting kestrels, sparrowhawks and amazing flocks of goldfinches, swallows and more, depending on the season. Identify birds by their song and capture brilliant photo opportunities. Includes a laminated bird ID chart. Year round, early morning activity.


Private bat experience – our farm is bursting with bats, from horseshoes to breeding pipistrelles to a regionally important barbastelle roost. Discover how captivating bats are as we take a sunset walk with professional bat equipment to listen in on their world. Includes a laminated bat ID chart. Suitable for all ages and abilities, and tailored to your cottage, beginner to professional! April to October, evening activity.


Play the detective and find tell ‘tail’ signs of badgers, otters, deer, fox, hare and rabbit and help check our trail cam to see what night time activity we've recorded. Includes a laminated mammal signs and footprints chart. Year round activity!


Get out in the meadows and spend some time with a kaleidoscope of flying beauties. Let us show you the best spots, what we do for them on the farm and ideas for what you can do at home! Includes a laminated butterfly chart. May to September, mid morning activity.


On a mission to prove that moths are anything but boring and arguably even more stunning than many of our butterflies. Get up early and join us to open up a moth trap and see what treasures lie within. Have a go at moth ID and have a close look at some truly beautiful mini beasts through magnifying pots. Includes a laminated moth chart to keep. Year round activity, early morning session.

River beasts

We are lucky enough to have the River Caen, a beautiful lake and a few ponds on the farm. We grab some nets, a sample tray, magnifying glass, swoosh around in the water and see what we find! Includes a laminated freshwater mini beasts identification key to take home. Year round activity!

Toads, newts and frogs

In spring we see a mass migration of toads, frogs and the occasional newt to Little Comfort farm! Once the sun goes down we grab high power torches, wellies and introduce you to our friendly little fly catchers – we’ll catch a few for a close look too. Includes a laminated I.D chart to take home. March, April and May, evening activity.