Nestled within a truly enchanting valley full of wildlife

A biodiversity hotspot

Little Comfort Farm is a biodiversity hotspot amongst some of the best preserved wild areas and reserves in the country. The farm has never been intensively farmed, and managed organically for many years. We have recorded 83 bird species (18 red listed), 21 butterfly species and 11 bat species (at least 6 roosting) to name a few! It is recognised by Natural England as being important for greater horseshoe bats and barn owls and in 2017 we discovered a maternity barbastelle bat roost of regional importance! We often post about our latest finds on our Facebook page so do follow us.

If you’d like to see what else we’ve recorded on the farm, you can download our species spreadsheet here: LCF Species Records

Higher Level Stewardship regime

Much of the farm is managed under a Higher Level Stewardship regime which in our case has seen the enhancement of some fantastic rough grassland and meadow habitats. These run alongside our riparian habitat in association with the Caen River, which has formed our valley over millennia. Much of Little Comfort is bordered by ancient woodland which enables us to enjoy a variety of habitats and an astounding array of wildlife.

Nature Discovery Pick and Mix

If you are into nature, you will be spell bound by Little Comfort. The owners of the farm, Jeremy and Jodie are ecologists and delight in sharing it with our guests. Take a look at our Nature Discovery Pick and Mix sessions which can be booked as part of your stay with us.

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Plenty more on our doorstep

Close by, Braunton Burrows is so unique it’s protected as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a UNESCO Biosphere reserve. Exmoor needs no introduction and Lundy Island sits preserved in time, just ask the Puffins and thousands of other sea birds.

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